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Why CBD Spring Water

Drinking CBD Spring Water is one of the most effective ways to consume CBD on the planet. A highly bioavailable source made using only the purest CBD with zero THC content guaranteed. Infused with our naturally sweet tasting calcium and mineral rich Spring  Water this really is the most refreshing way to regulate your CBD intake.

Our light resistant glass bottles ensure your CBD dose remains effective when you drink it compared with using plastic see through bottles. They lose CBD potency due to reaction with light and are also damaging our planet by adding unnecessary plastic waste.

For best results shake the bottle well before use and drink as soon as you open. Use CBD Spring Water on a regular and consistent basis to maximise results.

Let’s compare some of the popular ways to consume CBD

As you can see, you would need far less CBD Spring Water to achieve a 10mg daily dose compared with vapes (twice as much), oils (almost 4 times as much) and edibles (almost 10 times as much!).  CBD Spring Water is not only a refreshing and natural intake of CBD but also a very cost-effective delivery system!


The only truly water soluble CBD available today.

Pharma grade, lab tested and certified with zero THC

guaranteed resulting in extremely high bioavailability

By using nanotechnology to shrink CBD particles to one millionth of their original size, we are able to completely infuse it with our Spring Water to maximise the potency and bioavailability. As a result, CBD Spring Water is one of the highest bioavailable CBD products sold anywhere today.

This highly effective delivery system means absorption immediately in the mouth, continuing as it flows through the oesophagus and then from the stomach lining directly into the blood cells.

The endocannabinoid receptor has been identified as the most abundantly present in the human body. CBD Spring Water has been specifically designed to take advantage of this and be a fast acting and highly effective CBD delivery system.

Our Water

Refreshing sweet calcium and mineral rich

natural Spring Water

Our natural spring water is bottled at its source in a sun-drenched meadow in the shadow of Mount Snowdon. After its journey through ancient underground limestone rivers and streams, and finally up to the surface through the glacial gravel beds, the water bubbles up refreshingly clear, ready to be infused with our CBD.

Our water is naturally high in calcium and the rich mineral content means you can hydrate and regulate your CBD intake with a sweet tasting and healthy water. Each bottle contains more than 30mg of calcium!

Our zero calorie pure water has been enjoyed as a fresh water source for millennia, and is the perfect water for the most enjoyable CBD consumption experience.

Nutritional information

Ingredients: Spring Water, Cannabidiol (CBD)
Bottled at source by a person for your drinking pleasure.

CBD Info

CBD (Cannabidiol) is a naturally occuring complex compound found in the cannabis plant. History has shown humankind reaping the benefits of this ancient natural plant going back thousands of years.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) experts on drug dependence concluded in 2018: "There are no case reports or dependence problems related to the use of pure CBD. No public health problems have been associated with CBD use"

CBD is a safe non-addictive substance and one of more than 100 cannabinoids which are unique to the cannabis plant with significant therapeutic attributes and research has indicated positive effects related to relief from chronic pain, anxiety, inflammation, depression and many other conditions.

Details of the growing amount of studies and research into Canabidiol can be found online including from top research institutions such as Kings College London.


Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are two primary cannabinoids that occur naturally in the Cannabis plant. Each acts in significantly different ways on receptors in the brain and body. CBD is non-psychoactive unlike THC and does not make you feel high or intoxicated but is still therapeutically potent. This makes CBD an appealing treatment for anyone who wants to receive the benefits of the plant without any of the psychoactive, intoxicating and potentially addictive effects.


Bioavailability is the proportion of a substance which enters the circulation when introduced into the body and so is able to have an active effect. A lower bioavailability means you have to consume a lot more CBD in order to get the same amount absorbed as opposed to something with a very high bioavailability like CBD Spring Water.


Along with the 11 major organ systems in the human body; circulatory, respiratory, urinary, reproductive, integumentary, skeletal, muscular, nervous, endocrine, lymphatic and digestive, we also have the Endocannabinoid system (ECS). This is a critical molecular system, which is now known to be the most important system for maintaining human health. The primary function of the ECS is to maintain balance within the body by controlling many of its vital functions, including regulation of key bodily systems, sleep and appetite.

CBD has been shown to be beneficial to the ECS to help maintain these vital functions and achieve homeostasis. Ultimately, CBD, homeostasis and balance combined are key to your wellbeing and healthy lifestyle.


​Most biological systems are actively regulated to maintain certain conditions within a small range such as the body temperature not being too hot or too cold, sugar levels not too low or too high, etc. Homeostasis is the concept referred to maintaining these systems for optimal performance.  The root of CBD’s many health benefits is its ability to help restore homeostasis.


Whilst there has been ongoing research taking place around CBD and pregnancy, we feel it is still at the early stages. Our current recommendation is that CBD Spring Water should not be consumed during pregnancy.


- Not intended to be used by persons under the age of 18

- Not intended to be used as medicine

- Do not exceed your recommended daily dose

- Consult with your doctor if you have a medical condition or are taking medication

- Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet

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Our products are made with the utmost care resulting in you getting the highest quality drink possible. We lab test every batch we produce to ensure consistent product quality and resulting in giving you the content for safe and enjoyable CBD dosing.

Our purpose is to make each and every life that little bit better, each and every day by striving to bring harmony in mind, body and spirit

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